Our office is at the forefront of technological advancements in orthodontics to create healthy, stunning smiles. We use the Damon System, SPARK Clear Aligners, Maxillary Expansion Devices, AdvancSync Appliances, for your comfort and to create beautiful, long-lasting smiles.

Damon® Braces

Dr. Eisinger and the team pride ourselves on our training and certification in the newest orthodontic technology, such as self-ligating braces. Since 1997, Dr. Eisinger has been using the Damon® System exclusively, a type of braces far superior to the older and outdated metal braces.

Damon braces may look like your typical metal braces, but it’s not. The Damon bracket utilizes sliding-door technology known as “self-ligation,” which allows the wire to slide back and forth within the bracket without colorful elastics or steel ties. This technology creates less friction and results in greater comfort for the patient.


Spark is a clear aligner system that corrects teeth misalignment with a series of clear aligners. These aligners move the teeth gradually to their ideal position. Spark uses cutting-edge, 3D computer-imaging technology to create their aligners, but they go the extra mile with hand-trimmed and polished edges to offer the highest level of comfort.

Benefits of Spark Clear Aligners
  • More transparent and clear
  • More resistant to stains
  • More Comfortable
  • Custom-made
  • Scalloped and Polished Aligners
  • No Impressions Required
  • Initial 3D Scan
  • BPA Free Aligners
  • Aligner Material Results in Faster Treatment

Advansync Molar to Molar

Advansync Molar to Molar is used in conjunction with other orthodontic treatments such as Damon braces. It is one of the many orthodontic devices designed to correct overjet or what is commonly called “buck teeth.” Overjet is the extent of horizontal overlap of the upper front teeth over the lower front teeth.

This appliance consists of partial crowns cemented on the upper and lower permanent first molars and a telescoping rod that connects the upper and lower bands on each side. This jaw correction happens at the same time your braces are aligning your teeth – usually within 6-9 months in most cases.


Insignia is a fully interactive software and custom appliance system designed to give every patient a truly customized smile. Insignia is the only system that delivers a complete custom solution — patient-specific brackets, precision (computer-assisted) bracket placement, and custom wires to eliminate time-consuming adjustments in all phases of treatment.

It can be used with the Damon™ System, Inspire ICE™, or conventional appliances to incorporate treatment plans into a virtual 3D model. Insignia can make difficult cases more manageable and routine cases exceptional.

Are you ready to learn which of these orthodontic options best fits you?