Dear Dr. Eisinger,

Thank you for going through every thing and staying calm for me. I just don’t like dentist so I thought I’d be scared of you. But it turns out I like you a lot. I can’t wait to get my braces off. So I can finally eat gum and chewy things. And when I eat strawberries people won’t think that I’m bleeding. Then again thank you so much. Have a nice summer, Dr. Eisinger and your lovely family.


Gina Freese

• 4/2/2012

Worth every penny! Dr. Eisinger uses the Damon system which are much more efficient (and better looking) than traditional braces. He also gives you invisalign to use as retainers, as opposed to the old fashioned wire retainers. Awesomeness! Oh, (and this is the best part)… Dr. Eisinger, his AMAZING staff and the Damon system transformed my smile from crowded teeth with an overbite to absolutely perfect in only 12 1/12 months! That is definitely something to smile about! Go see him

I met Dr. Eisinger when I was a junior in high school not knowing if I should be scared or excited to have train tracks on my teeth for about a year. As soon as he explained to me and my mother about the Damon system they follow, I was pretty relieved to hear that I will not be wearing braces that will exceed 2 years. As time went on while I had my braces, I was impressed and fascinated on how quick my teeth were straightening out within the first few months. When it was time to finally get rid of my braces, I noticed that MY FACE LOOKS WAY PRETTIER THAN BEFORE I GOT BRACES. It’s really surprising to know that the Damon system not only straightens out your teeth but it will also change your facial appearance.

Dr. Eisinger is an amazing doctor and he’s super friendly. As well as his staff. I still have appointments with him for my retainer and he always compliments about how beautiful my smile is. He still shows me pictures about how I looked like before I got braces. I know for a fact that my smile and facial appearance is way better than before braces came into my life. I’m so happy my mother put me into the Damon system with him.

Thanks Dr. E!

“I appreciate the high standards in which this office operates”

“Dr. Eisinger- I really appreciate that you always take the time to explain what is currently happening. You have a superb “bedside” manner and thank you for not patronizing me by calling me “mom””

“I was blown away by the staff right away. I came in new from the area and looking for continued dental care for my son and received so much more. The staff took time to explain the procedure, outcome, and cost and even re-explained when I asked. I did look into other offices but Dr. Eisinger & staff stood head and shoulders above the rest. I could go on, but I’ll end with a BIG THANK YOU!”

“I was very satisfied with the care and professionalism from your staff and from the fabulous Dr. Eisinger. Love the bowties! Thank you”

“I am extremely glad I switched to your practice, you have a very efficient system.”

“Dr. Eisinger and staff ROCK! I always recommend Dr. Eisinger!”

“Thank you for always making schedules easier for the patients. Thank you for giving my girl personal care when she felt uncomfortable. You all Rock!”

“Thank you for making my life better!”

“We are extremely satisfied with my daughter’s treatment. Every time I hear parents say their child needs braces I always suggest and encourage them before they make a decision to go and get a consultation from Dr. Eisinger!”

“My daughter had an overbite and the other orthodontist’s treatment was to move the top teeth back where as Dr .Eisinger moved the bottom jaw forward. After I did research on the internet it seemed quite clear to me that the best treatment for this condition was Dr. Eisinger’s way.”

“From the moment of explanation of my daughter’s procedure, not once did I feel lost. All staff and especially Dr. Eisinger have made our steps to my daughter’s smile pleasant. Thanks a million!”

“I think it’s really cool Dr. Eisinger makes phone calls personally and takes time to reassure patients. ALL of my experiences with your office have been pleasant!”

“I was concerned how my daughter would do with orthodontic treatment, because of her young age. But, you, Dr. Eisinger and your staff make her feel very comfortable .Thank you.”

“Your entire staff demonstrates excellent professionalism!”

“Knowing the Damon System is very effective despite the less frequent visits.”

“All your orthodontic services have exceeded all of our expectations! There is absolutely nothing you missed. Thank you very much for taking good care of my daughters!”

“It’s clear you go over and beyond to set yourself apart from other orthodontists!”

“I very much enjoyed learning from Dr. Eisinger. I would have loved to have him as an instructor in school. He has a great approach to life long learning.”

“I love the way I was treated with Dr. Eisinger. I thank him for giving me a great smile which brings happiness to my life. Thank you, Dr. Eisinger and Staff!”

“Dr. Eisinger always strives for perfection!”

“My 2 daughters had the best orthodontic care possible from Dr. Eisinger!”

“Dr. Eisinger had thought of everything to provide the BEST quality orthodontic care for his patients. My 2 daughters love him! Gina and Sarah had the most pleasing experience! Thank you very much!”

“Honesty, Professionalism and “Human Touch”

“The “human touch” was evident the moment we entered Dr. Eisinger’s office”

“We are so very happy we chose your office. We have received excellent care and attention. There is nothing we could suggest for improvements. We refer all who ask us to you! Thank you very much for everything you have done for us.”

“I truly did make my decision to use Dr. Eisinger based on my level of comfort with the staff and Dr. Eisinger!”

“My daughter thinks doctor Eisinger is a great person. He is always so nice and also smiling. He is a wonderful person and his family is great!”

“When I went back to class I was amazed that my fellow classmates noticed my braces were off. Especially since I did not let anyone know I was getting them off. I am so happy with my smile. I have received so many complements on my smile from family and friends. Thank you Dr. Eisinger!”

“I was very pleased with the expert personal treatment I received by Dr. Eisinger. I have recommended Dr. Eisinger’s office for orthodontic care. He made a difference in my ability to bite into foods again and my smile.”

“Ever since childhood, I’ve had problems with crooked teeth. Parents could not afford braces when I was young, so we made do with retainers. Teeth remained out of alignment into adulthood. I finally decided to seek help. Dr. E. was recommended to me. I was pleasantly surprised with the professionalism of Dr. E. and his staff. Here it is two years later, and what a major difference. I never knew my teeth could be so straight!. He even corrected my bite. Dr. E. uses the latest in braces technology which does a much better job than days of old. He has fitted me into his busy schedule for pokey wires I don’t know how many times, and nary a complaint.

Dr. E’s staff is the absolute best! They are patient, kind, compassionate, and they know what they are doing.

I never would have accomplished a hugely improved smile, without Dr. E. and his staff. I am eternally grateful!

I started this treatment at 52 yrs old. I’m now 54 and this has definitely been worth it!!! Thank you Dr. E. and staff!”

I wanted to take the time to thank each and everyone (front dest staff) of you for your kindness, hospitality, and Dr.Eisinger for your generosity. I was in a bit of a jam after having been laid-off from my job and I was able to immediately get in your office for emergency treatment. Additionaly, and in the midst of your goodness, I was treated with respect and kindness and left your office with my dignity and my teeh restored. Your humble generosity is greatly noted. Thank you again and have a wonderful day!

We just wanted to share a picture from today’s visit. We CANNOT say enough about your wonderful staff! They are extremely knowledgable,professional and above all else caring. We are so thrilled to have had the pleasure of going through this process with Evie,Emily, Gio,Gabby, Blanca, and Colleen! They made the process so much better for Justine! She respected each and every one of them and now considers them friends! We will be singing their praises for years to come-even when we move to the east coast. These staff members are what puts your office above all others in the area. There is just no price you can put on the value of their service and commitment to your patients. Hang on to them Dr. Eisinger, they’re keepers!

Thanks again!



“So happy I had the Damon Braces and not what Bane had!” –LUKE

8/21/12 A New Patient E-mailed Us Today after her Consultation: First of all thank you for making my first visit so pleasant. I left feeling very comfortable with my decision of getting braces. I am very impressed with the professionalism and kindness of your office staff, including Dr. Eisinger!