Philosophy of Dentistry – Dr. John Eisinger, DDS

Dr. John Eisinger, DDS

I was asked to share my thoughts on the making of a mission statement centered on practice philosophy.

Let’s start with the mission of JJE Orthodontics:

Our mission is to leverage proven, new, and patient-friendly technologies to exceed patient and parent expectations for orthodontic care. This means we prioritize patient-centered care and strive for long-term corrections for a beautiful, functional, and stable smile. We commit as a team to treat all individuals with kindness, knowledge, enthusiasm, respect, and love from the first telephone call to the last retainer check. We are available 24/7 to answer all questions in a timely fashion.

In this mission, you’ll notice two things: the emphasis of family and community and of advanced technology.

For me, everything centers around my connection to the Monterey Peninsula. I wasn’t born here-far from it-in Fargo, North Dakota! But I quickly grew to appreciate the natural beauty of the area and the tight-knit community that flourishes here.

The sense of community on the Monterey Peninsula is increasingly rare. I feel blessed to have raised my four daughters here and to build my orthodontic practice here. As I reflect back, I believe my philosophy of treating every patient as a member of my family helped to sustain and grow my practice over the years. A philosophy that my entire family wholeheartedly believes in as well. You can often see my daughters and beautiful wife working alongside me and our amazing team in the office regularly!

Beyond our community that feels like family, I am very passionate about orthodontic and dental technology advances. To me, being an outstanding orthodontist means continuing education, research, and implementing proven treatment modalities. A short list of the 15 most exciting advances in orthodontic technology that inspire me and have shaped my practice philosophy include:

  1. Advent of direct bond brackets versus orthodontic bands.
  2. Understanding the effect of breathing disorders on facial-skeletal development.
  3. Appreciation of the importance of Phase I treatment to facilitate favorable skeletal development and reduce incidence for permanent tooth extractions.
  4. Accepting the functional appliance protocols developed by our European colleagues in Germany and France.
  5. Dr. Damon seeking advice from bone physiologists on ideal forces to move teeth through bone to prevent root resorption and necrosis of the
  6. Developing facial driven treatment plans versus simply straightening teeth.
  7. The redesign of brackets to reduce friction and force levels to move teeth more comfortably and in shorter treatment times.
  8. The application of metal alloys developed by NASA to create memory wires with no permanent deformations as teeth move, to allow lower forces, less patient discomfort, fewer archwire changes, and shorter treatment times.
  9. The utilization of light elastic forces to correct anterior and posterior crossbifes without maxillofacial surgery.
  10. Understanding and accepting the research demonstrating the body’s response to remodel condyle-fossa relationships to correct retrognathic mandibles via fixed appliances, formerly known as Herbst Appliance, now known as Molar To Molar Advance-Sync Appliance, to treat these patients non-surgically, in many cases.
  11. Improving oral hygiene and gingival health utilizing hydrogen peroxide to brush and rinse daily.
  12. Protecting our patients and team through the COVID19 pandemic by utilizing screening questionnaires, temperature monitoring, face masks, eye protection, gowns, social distancing, advanced air circulation, and rinsing with hydrogen peroxide for 60 seconds and expectorating prior to oral procedures.
  13. Digital X-Rays and intraoral scanning to reduce radiation exposure.
  14. Electric hand pieces and high-speed suction to eliminate aerosols.
  15. Utilizing brackets with built-in torque (high, neutral, or low) to achieve ideal root positioning specific for each tooth, without wire bends.
  16. Utilizing the recently designed archwires to initiate torque control with initial archwires sequence.
  17. Collaboration with the general dentist and all specialists to assure highest standard of care.

Dr. John Eisinger, D.D.S.

Dr. John Eisinger is a practicing Orthodontist, with offices in Monterey, Marina, and Carmel. He attended dental school at University of Minnesota, and completed his postdoctoral residency at UC San Francisco. He has been practicing in the Monterey Peninsula since 1976, and is an active member of the Monterey Bay Dental Society

As you can see from my “short” list of advances in our field-my passion for orthodontics continues to grow!

I hope this letter is useful in grounding your mission statement in practice philosophy.

I look forward to each and every day I am blessed to create beautiful smiles and faces. Thank you all for allowing me to continue my life-long dream.


John J. Eisinger DDS
(AKA the Bow Tie Cowboy from Fargo)