eCligner® is aesthetic and comfortable for the orthodontic patient. As it is removable and transparent it does not interfere with your daily life. To get a good result it is advisable to wear the aligners 17 hours a day. eCligner® is not only suitable for adults, children are not bothered by the aligners either. Children can wear eCligner at night which is sufficient for the so-called ‘night-time wearing appliance’ (8-10 hours a day).


Each eCligner therapy is an individual treatment that caters for the needs and treatment objectives of each single patient. In principal the eCligner treatment is divided in several steps that are tuned to the needs of each patient.

During one individual step of treatment three aligners of different layer thickness are worn in weekly intervals. The applied layer thicknesses are 0.5 mm (soft), 0.62 mm (medium) and 0.75 mm (hard). The use of varying layer thicknesses is one of the essential differences of eCligner to other products. Clinical studies brought evidence that the use of soft aligners at the beginning of a treatment phase is of decisive importance.

The very thin first layer thickness of the aligner triggers lowest biological energies that stimulate the reorganization processes within the Desmodont. The usual pain of pressure thus can be avoided.