About Dr. Eisinger

As a young boy, becoming a cowboy was my dream job. It was not until later in life I realized my real dream was to become an orthodontist and I feel blessed to be fulfilling that dream every day. Born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, I grew up on farms in the Midwest. Despite my rural surroundings of dairy farms and horses, my sights were always set on practicing orthodontics. I earned my Bachelor of Science in Biology and Chemistry from Gustavus Adolphis, a small Lutheran college, and then attended the University of Minnesota School of Dentistry. I am grateful for my acceptance into one of the most respected orthodontic schools in the nation, the University of California San Francisco, where I completed my orthodontic residency.

In 1976 I began my first orthodontic practice on the Monterey Peninsula and have since been providing quality orthodontic care at my practices in Monterey, Marina and Carmel. I feel privileged to live and work in one of the most amazing places on the central coast. Being able to create beautiful smiles with my highly skilled team for my patients is my passion, as well as building friendships with each and every one of them.

Stemming from my passion and enthusiasm about the orthodontic field, I strive to always be on the cutting-edge of technology. I was the first orthodontist on the central coast to be certified and begin utilizing the Damon® System and Invisalign® technology for my patients. My top priority is treating my patients in the most superior and efficient manner I know. I have continued to attend educational seminars on orthodontics and its future during the past 34 years I have been practicing; my energy and excitement for learning about orthodontics never ceases!

Mountain climbing (Reaching the summit 14,500 feet up on Mount Shasta is my most difficult feat to date!), gardening, playing tennis and spending time with my family consume most of my time when I am not in the office. I have a beautiful wife who inspires me daily and four daughters who continually attempt to expand my fashion horizons. (My Christmas present was a pair of “Joe’s Jeans”!) My soft-coated Wheaten Terrier that is bursting with energy also keeps me on my toes by eating plastic toys or my wife’s shoes! My family means the world to me.

The greatest compliment is when my patients refer their family and friends to our practice!


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